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Precision Editing Group, LLC, was launched by managing editor, Heather Moore, in response to the need for unbiased editing throughout the writing community. Other editing services charged steep prices just for evaluations, took advantage of inexperienced writers, or had illegal contracts with vanity presses. While Precision Editing Group is not a publisher and offers no guarantee that a manuscript will land a book contract after our editing, we do give unpublished writers the learning experience that is needed to grow their craft. We also offer service to published authors who are looking to fine-tune their manuscript before submission. 




See our price list.

Our Staff

Our Staff


Our staff at Precision Editing Group, LLC, is made up of competent, professional authors and editors. They are currently working, teaching, and publishing in the book market. Your manuscript will be given to the editorial member who specializes in your genre.


Our contract editors include Michele Holmes, Cassidy Wadsworth, Lisa Shepherd, Julie Wright, Joanne Lui,

Meghan Hoesch, and Lorie Humpherys.

Contact Information for Managing Editor, Heather Moore


Phone: 801.851.0196




For manuscripts greater than 20,000 words, we are offering a free 5-page critique. Email us your first 5 pages (double-spaced, 12 point type), by MS Word attachment to:

And we'll critique it for free! This gives us an idea of what type of editing services you'll need. It will also give you an idea of what we can do for you. No further obligation required.

Our Clients

Our Clients


J. Scott Savage

James Dashner

Mike Shelton

Lee R. Hadley

Abel Keogh

Dennis Mangrum

Timeless Romance Anthology series

Shawn Butcher

Erin Herrin and Lu Ann Staheli

Amos Borntreger

Roger T. Muir

Amanda Dickson

Bonnie Best

Ray Birkinsha

Lucinda Whitney

Rebecca Connolly

Janelle Daniels

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