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Since each manuscript requires a personalized evaluation to assess

the amount of editing that is needed for your book,

send us an email and receive your free 5-page sample edit

(offer good for manuscripts greater than 20,000 words).

We do edit short stories and picture books, and our minimum charge is $25.00.

Based on your 5-page sample edit, we will give you a recommendation on

the amount of editing work needed on your manuscript.

Our editing rates are as follows:



Content/Development Editing: $0.01/word
Copy/Line Editing: $0.01/word
Proofreading: $0.005/word
Second Reads: $40.00/hour
Query Letter Editing: $40.00/hour
Picture Book Manuscripts: $40.00/hour
Consultation calls: $40.00/hour
If you hire us to do more than one editing stage,
the second stage is discounted 10%.


*Note: We bill for partial hours, so if your project only takes thirty minutes, you will not be billed for the entire hour.



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